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Answer for question 4484.

Do you generally point out the mistakes people make, or do you quietly let it go? What's one mistake people make that drives you crazy?
I don't like to point out mistakes because I would just feel rude if I did. As long as I can still get enjoy the story, I'm okay.

But other than bad spelling, the thing that jumps out most to me lately is not using the comma when addressing someone.

e.g. "I see what you mean Lois." vs. "I see what you mean, Lois." or "Chloe you look really hot in that dress." vs. "Chloe, you look really hot in that dress."

I see that all the time, and I just want to grab a red pen.


In what was surely a first for us today, we ate New Year's dinner at Cracker Barrel. I choose to look at this as a good omen. Every year we eat our black-eyed peas for good luck at my mother's house, and we had peas this year as well, just free of charge and courtesy of Cracker Barrel. That is so far out of our norm that it must mean something, right? Good things, right?

Oh, and it would have been my dad's 76th birthday today. He was a New Year's baby.



This'll be brief because I hate typing long pieces on my iPad, but I hate my fucking job right now. And I know that lots of people hate their jobs, and I need to just suck it up and deal with it like a grown up person, but I just gotta let it out a little before I go eat my feelings at the Taco Villa down the street.

I have been bored to tears for the last three years because I've mastered this job as much as I care to master it. I'm damn good at what I do, but my Learner has been screaming at me, louder and louder, because I'm ready for the next thing, the next mental mountain to climb, and I'm not sure which way I need to jump. I was content where I was because I had a lot of freedom, but that part of the job is essentially gone, and now I just feel bored and extremely annoyed.


Oh, and on top of all that, how boring am I that I just posted an entry about how much I hate work?

Some Artgirl you are, Artgirltx.

Get a grip.


Hey there

I'm dipping my toe in this water.

Apparently I have a really hard time writing about what's going on in my life. Or even about myself in general. Especially over 140 characters. So we'll get back to that one. But if you want to ask me something, go ahead.

I have to go to the office today. That may have been what prompted this creative effort.


Super good at that.




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